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About AMVETS Department of Iowa
AMVETS (American Veterans) was founded in 1944 and congressionally chartered as one of the top four veterans service organizations. AMVETS has a proud history of assistance to veterans and their families. The Department of Iowa has over 66 AMVETS posts supported by subordinate organizations like SONS of AMVETS, Ladies Auxiliary, AMVETS Riders, and Junior AMVETS all providing services to veterans. Members of AMVETS participate in troop homecomings, volunteer at local VA Hospitals and the Iowa Veteran’s Home, as well as provide programs throughout their communities. Eligibility requirements for AMVETS and some of their subordinate organizations are listed below. Be a part of an exceptional team working for and with those men and women who have fought for our freedoms. 
Interested in Joining AMVETS?
Department of Iowa Commander
Kevin Reece

Department of Iowa Auxiliary President 
Mary Steinbach
Department of Iowa SONS of AMVETS Commander George Cummings
Department of Iowa AMVETS Riders President
Natalie Cummings
Department of Iowa Executive Director
Clark Leckington
Eligibility For Membership of AMVETS
AMVETS Membership is open to all men and women who have served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserves, or National Guard on or after September 15, 1940 and to those men and women who are currently serving our country. 

Eligibility for Membership in AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary
Eligibility for membership in AMVETS National Auxiliary is limited to the mothers, wives,grandmothers, regardless of age, and the daughters, sisters, and granddaughters, not less than 18 years of age, of regular members of AMVETS and the mothers and widows, regardless of age, and daughters, sisters, and granddaughters not less than 18 years of age, of deceased veterans who would have been eligible for membership in AMVETS, and female veterans who served honorable in the Armed Forces of the United States after Septemer 15, 1940, or in the Armed Forces of the Allied Countries after September 15, 1940, who maintain their AMVET membership unless they meet the established eligibility criteria.
The term "mother" shall be construed so as to include any female member of the family of, or any female guardian of such person or deceased veteran who has exercised or is exercising the care and responsibility for the rearing of such person or deceased veteran. The term "daughter" for a stepdaughter must have been a dependent of an AMVET or deceased veteran prior to attaining 18 years of age. 

Eligibility for Membership in the Sons of AMVETS
Eligibility for membership in the Sons of AMVETS shall be limited to all male descendents, grandsons, adopted sons and stepsons, fathers, husbands, widowers, and brothers of members of AMVETS and the deceased members of AMVETS, or the personell who died and would have been eligible for membership in the parent organization, and are at least eighteen (18) years of age and is not eligible for membership in the parent organization. This is not to include in-laws of any type.